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Amalgam filter for a new installation

The amalgam filter for an new installation concist of a new amalgam filter and a package of small parts for the installation (1 T-piece, 2 elbows, 1 reducing piece and 3 tube sections). To a new installation you may also consider our assortment of wall- and ceiling brackets as well as a cover for installation next to the unit.

Residues of amalgam in wastewater from a dental clinic can have serious consequnces for the environment.

If the wastewater is lead through a water water treatment plant, it could mean a spread of pollution to larger amount of sludge. Also if the wastewater is lead directly into the nature, it can be adopted and harm the food chain and further on the human organism.

The closed filter container is mounted on the clinics suction system and collects the amalgam waste. When the container is full, it is delivered back to Rectus or another authorised recipient, who can ensure that the amalgam is recycled. This can after recycling eg. be reused in new tooth fillings.

The Rectus amalgam filter is developed for Rectus separation tanks and therefore can deal with a high water flow up till 10 litre per minute. The closed filter container is placed between the separation tank/unit and the drain.

The Rectus amalgam filter is approved according to ISO 1143 and at the Royal Dental College in Aarhus, 1991.

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