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At this page you can find information about Rectus – news, activities, distributors and our history.

Rectus has a long tradition. The company was founded in late 1960’ties and therefore we have a heritage we are proud of. But it also benefits you. Our products are approved by hundres of dentists, chiropodists and others, and their approval and continued use is a guarantee for products of high quality.

Our main business area is dentists. But mentioned above a lot of Rectus products are also very useful in other areas.

With several years in the business our know-how and experience are at a high level. Custom made solutions are everyday work for us and we handle your enquiries with great anticipation. Our skilled technicians are always ready to help you.

Rectus range of products consists of innovative and long-lifetime products. Just to mention a few; suction motors, suction arms, ventilators, separation tanks and amalgam filter. All products are produced at our own facilities in Aarhus, Denmark.